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CSU honorary chairman Dr. Stoiber sees Tölzer project as export Made in Bavaria "


CSU honorary chairman Dr. Edmund Stoiber and entrepreneurs Cengiz Ehliz, Founder weeConomy AG (source: Thomas Effinger)

It was an atmosphere like in the best times of the CSU, comparable to the traditional Ash Wednesday in the Passauer Nibelungenhalle, as Dr. Edmund Stoiber as Tyrolean Schützenmarsch in Bad Tolz weeArena found its way. Standing Ovations der 2.800 guests from 19 Countries worldwide attended the keynote speaker (the link to the speech given at the end of this notice) in weeConvention, a kind of annual meeting of Family and Friends "the Swiss weeConomy AG on the way to the stage. In the run-CEO Ewald Schmutz and the boards of the MPM Group informed about the ambitious goals, the for 2018 on the agenda.

weeConomy-founder and majority shareholder Cengiz Ehliz, a native of Bad Toelz, Non-Stop program was overjoyed after two days in the weeArena: Nine months ago, I dreamed, the cashback website wee introduce in my home region "and the regionally important sports club, the EC Bad Tolz, sustainably link. "Within a short time became of the dream reality: After extensive market research, the Bavarian Oberland region qualified against eleven different global pilot region. Already, the networking of local and regional retailers with the world's first weeArena and its flagship club EC Bad Tolz is considered multipliable blueprint for 25 pending weeArenen, which should follow the same concept worldwide in the next five years. The trick here, which makes the cashback website unique: Consumers can use the lucrative discounts, when buying in until they 1.000 Online stores, see, only use the retail, So at the bakery, Metzger, Hairdresser around the corner .... These discounts are as wee " (a wee "= one euro) collected on the weeCard or weeApp. And who wants to save even more: No problem - the wee "wallet funds can easily be transferred to your own checking account.

Political icon Stoiber found at his home in several days and nights converted ice rink, the a premium Oktoberfest tent resembled, at the beginning the right words to wee "concept, with the scores of retail over the online shopping: I think the idea, which is behind the weeConomy, namely, to facilitate the transition into the digital age the small and medium-sized retail, groundbreaking and right. "

The ex-prime minister took in his speech from, referred to his experience as a supervisory board of ProSiebenSat.1, Deloitte and FC Bayern München, when he talked about the financial and human efforts, associated with the revolution of digitization. He compared this with the industrial revolution of the 19. century. With a sense of the many retailers and small SMEs in the audience of the Chancellor-candidate focused by 2002 this aspect: ... But not every small business has the personnel and the money for the wide world of online shopping. Mostly it's not worth it for a baker or hairdresser also, reproach the full range of Internet services. "Fourfold scene applause and standing ovations" interrupted his speech, the simultaneously in nine languages ​​for the foreign guests from Italy, Sweden, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Croatia, England, France, was translated Benelux. But even a small business in the retail sector ", Stoiber, must compete with major shopping centers, retail chains and keep up the booming Internet shops. The entrepreneurial middle class nothing has no choice, but to face the digital revolution and they actively use for their business. "

had the old master "a lot fun with this topic at the open-minded audience, He then spoke with free speech on Europe on the subject of subsidiarity and the regulation of the middle class. He brushed the European security policy and the right to asylum, Commenting on the protectionism of Donald Trump and gave entertaining look into the necessary positioning of Europe towards China, South East Asia, Russia and the US. His personal message to the visionary and global entrepreneur with roots Toelzer: you, Mr. Ehliz, and your dynamic troupe of weeConomy come specifically into this market gap, by supporting the local retail with her wee "system, especially in smaller towns such as Bad Toelz. So you also helping to preserve traditional Bavarian way of life with its village shops and small businesses in. "

was eagerly awaited the session with weeConomy CEO Ewald Schmutz from Kreuzlingen / Switzerland, who spoke about upcoming capital market activities and the upcoming reformation of the corporate structure presented. All this in line with the company's philosophy, including, the staff, Vertriebs- to timely and comprehensive information and business partners about the upcoming milestones firsthand.

We currently are nearing the release of the e-money license ", verkündetet dirt the applauding audience, that means Passbording in all relevant to us European countries. "In parallel, the digital weeMarktplatz is further visualized and dynamic. In practice this means: The merchant establishment and the end customer growth continue to take place top priority, namely online and offline. In terms of financing these transnational growth strategy CHF million range are required, according to dirt funding in the hundreds. These are after the introduction on the stock exchange Euros Next 2017 by a higher-class segment change and further rounds of financing through the stock market by taking advantage of all available opportunities to be acquired. "The agile ex-banker is very confident, for completing: We are very optimistic, that we achieve our goals. Here is a goal always in focus: to create added value for existing and future shareholders of AG and successfully implement. "The weeConomy AG is full of confidence on the road to Blue Chip in terms of mobile payment!

Numerous leaders from business, Regional policy, administration, science, Art and culture followed the invitation of Ehliz to weeConvention, including cult footballer Ulf Kirsten with son Benny, as well as the current and former boxers champions Shefat Isufi and Levent Cukur with son Emre.

It was the idea of ​​Ehliz one day before the weeConvention to open the gates of weeArena for guests of the Oberland: We have invested a lot of money in the reconstruction of the ice rink into a working Congress Hall ", sums up the global entrepreneurs, so far we wanted to let the local people to participate and thank you with a mega party. "This has been achieved: On Saturday, the weeConomy AG held during the day the winter Oktoberfest with a winter village and in the outdoor weeArena rejoiced the day well 1.000 Guests over the top countries Pentathlon traditional Bavarian disciplines such as chopping wood, Biertragl-stack, fingernail, etc. as well as show acts such as The Heimatdamisch and the Tölzer Knabenchor. From 20.00 AM went literally from the post. Under the motto Alps Pop trift Toelzer Rock ", the local heroes The Heimatdamisch and DJ Ötzi gave with the honor band. 3.000 enthusiasts stood on the benches in the interior and on the seats of the grandstand. Comparable had never seen the Oberland and Bad Tolz. To be continued with great events in summer 2018.

Bad Tolz and the region can look forward: one hand on the measures to implement the global mobile payment area, on the other hand on the first delegations 19 wee "countries, who want to implement the pilot with him and beyond, the sparrows whistle it already from the rooftops, to an increased involvement in the Tölzer Löwen. The better the team DEL2 Performed, the better and the image of weeConomy AG.

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Full of joy in the weeArena Bad Toelz, the global pilots for Mobile Payment: CSU honorary chairman Dr. Edmund Stoiber and entrepreneurs Cengiz Ehliz, Founder weeConomy AG, framed by the wee "-Assistentinnen, the small-Twins "Juliane and Kristina."

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