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The way to the top of a company can begin the takeover of an establishment


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The number of people, who are interested in the takeover of an existing establishment, increases. This is also the experience of Thomas Salzmann, of himself with his consulting firm Everto Consulting (Hamburg) has specialized in succession planning for SMEs. If there is still less interested than takeover bids, seem more and more people to take the option of a buyout in the eye. Interestingly: According to a recent study by the German Industry- Chamber of Commerce and Tags (DIHK) increasing the number of female interested parties of a business succession. According to the board's share of all the successor prospects between 2010 and 2015 from 15 on 22 increased percent.

The problem of raising capital with Thomas Salzmann to solve

Although the proportion of women has increased in takeover interest, it is still below the proportion of women, who are interested in starting a business in general. Here registered the DIHKT 40 percent of women. One problem with this is often the starting capital. A business succession usually needs more capital than a start-up. And this context women have often a structural disadvantage, because they have saved up by their family commitment usually less equity. Usually the banks see the very critical ", portrays Thomas Salzmann. Moreover comes: The increased regulatory requirements of banks to the level of equity and detection of liquidity have complicated the financial environment for corporate acquisitions in recent years - Basel III Greetings.

use favorable interest rate environment for corporate takeover

The management consultant knows good alternatives to traditional financing from banks and makes use of the expertise, he has concentrated investments in sister companies Everto. If financing through bank loans can not be displayed, we suggest ways to, such as financing an acquisition still can succeed ", emphasizes the expert. At the same time potential successors plays the current low level of interest rates in the cards.

source: © fraismedia – Fotolia

Entrepreneurs benefit from the many years of experience in acquisitions with Thomas Salzmann. It is based on a strategic planning through to implementation and an elaboration in financing concepts is Mr. Salzmann a competent partner.

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