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Cataract occurs in many people from 60. years on. (source: © flywish - Fotolia)

FRANKFURT / WIESBADEN / MAINZ. The operation of a Cataract describes the Mainz ophthalmologist Dr. with. Stefan Breitkopf as a safe and uncomplicated routine procedure ", which is carried out completely painless outpatient basis. The lens exchange takes a few minutes. Under local anesthesia, which is generated by means of special eye drops, is first crushed by a small incision clouded natural lens and then suctioned. the clear artificial lens is then introduced into the empty capsular bag, unrolled and anchored.

Cataract surgery - safe and uncomplicated routine procedure "

The new artificial lens fits to the eye like a natural lens and is not perceived as foreign bodies. A standardized follow-up ensures very rapid healing process. At the Grey star it will normally be a symptom of old age, predominantly from 60. age occurs. The advantages of the intraocular artificial lens are obvious. It lasts a lifetime, while clear and transparent as a rule. Mainly monofocal lenses are still used. With them, you can see clearly either close to or into the distance. Who thus looks sharp in the distance, is able to do without reading glasses. Special special lenses, however, offer much more and may be the same correct several visual disorders. We are happy to inform you about the individual possibilities ", so the ophthalmologist Dr. with. Stefan Breitkopf, in his practice patients mainly from the Rhine Main area, from Mainz, Wiesbaden and Frankfurt, treated.

With cataracts usually it is a sign of old age

Multifokallinsen for example, have multiple foci. Sharp vision at all distances, making it possible - even at an advanced age. the brain visual impressions near and afar are presented on the multifocal lens. Special premium lenses can compensate for astigmatism. Here "are so-called toric artificial lenses used, improve the image. Which artificial lens is recommended in individual cases, can be determined after a thorough investigation.

source: © flywish - Fotolia

Your ophthalmologist in Mainz / Wiesbaden with a broad range: Dr. Jutta Kauffmann, Dr. Thomas Kauffmann and Dr. Stefan Breitkopf. You have questions or for the diagnosis or treatment. Operation of eye diseases such as cataracts (Cataract) or Green Start (glaucoma)? We also specialize in multifocal, Retinal detachment, Strabismus (squint) and Botox treatments.

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