Jacob Collier und Kii THREE: All-rounder among themselves


The musician Jacob Collier puts on Kii Audio

Jacob Collier survived the versatility in his music: From jazz to folk to gospel its genre, ranging, on an instrument he can not be set. The musician, singers, producer, Arranger, Therefore, composer and multi-instrumentalist needs a studio monitor, of the music accurately reflects him so, as it is - and has therefore opted for the Kii Kii THREE of Audio. The innovative Active Wave Focusing technology this compact powered speakers provides Collier sound great control rooms in his small home studio. The Kii THREE form so with Jacob Collier an alliance of all-rounders.

singers, Instrumentalist, composer, Arranger, Producer ... Jacob Collier combines many talents and skills in it. The Briton excited with his interpretations of familiar pieces and his own compositions worldwide attention and impressed with his extensive musical skills. For his home studio in London, Collier chose the Kii Kii THREE of Audio - Active Monitors, which are as diverse as the artists themselves.

Jacob Collier: Multi-instrumentalist with a fine ear

With music Jacob Collier employs not only, Since he became famous with his interpretations of popular songs on YouTube. His mother is a renowned lecturer, Conductor and violinist. He won teenage prices for his singing. Today his videos reach several million views, his musical versatility excited even skeptics. The press called the young Brits on several occasions as a child prodigy, The British Guardian called him even the new Messiah of Jazz ". An in this way from an early age and trained in prestigious studios worldwide proven hearing really needs excellent speakers. Colliers chose the Kii THREE. I was in various studios around the world and came to enjoy very different speaker systems,"Told Collier about his monitors. Nothing sounds as good as the Kii THREE. "

Kii THREE: All-rounder for the all-rounder

Here, the multi-talented estimates the versatile qualities of the speaker of Kii Audio particularly. I wanted a monitor system, linearly, and alive, and glitters, and fully in the bass ... I list just pretty much any property to, you could want from a monitor. I found the Kii THREE. "The compact speakers were able to convince Collier. By ActiveWave Focusing technology Kii THREE in his comparatively small studio space produces sound great, wall built systems. The six specially arranged drivers are controlled in each box of a DSP so, that a directed wavefront is emitted to the front. Disturbing reflections from the rear wall, interfere with the clarity and precision of reproduction, can not arise so. This gives the musicians Safety Produce: I can rely on you."

Versatile productions in his own studio

be used Colliers Kii THREE in his small production studio, where compact dimensions are an extremely relevant factor. The six drivers per speaker ensure, that comes completely in these cramped conditions the sound to develop. It does not matter, whether Collier bass receives or singing, if he works with keyboard sounds and experimenting with percussion instruments - the Kii THREE gives him any time accurately, what he needs to hear. They sound balanced throughout the room. I have no idea, how they do it, but it's great, work like that. "

Kii THREE as an individual complete system

Kii Audio offers the Kii CONTROL remote control along with the Kii THREE studio monitors to, in addition to a convenient control of the system brings also an extension of the connectivity. Of an ideal position, there is the matter Kii, their tops to fit seamlessly in the corresponding recesses on the housing side of the speaker. To avoid resonances, the stands can be filled with sand. An optical adaptation to own listening room is also no problem: Surcharge virtually unlimited color options are available in addition to standard paints glossy white and graphite Satin Metallic available - Jacob Collier has its Kii THREE Hot Chili Red Metallic. in high gloss, Matt- or metallic finish from high-precision auto coating technology applied, are the individual paints the tonal high-end quality of the Kii THREE in every way.

build a compact speaker, that sounds like a great, permanently installed system - that was the goal of Kii audio in the founding of the company 2014. With THREE the company has succeeded, based in Bergisch Gladbach this masterpiece. The concept of THREE is not the first small revolution, was instrumental in the lead developer and co-founder Bruno Putzeys Kii: With its developments and UcD Ncore he brought the class-D amplifier technology ahead decisively. Common to all employees, the passion for good music and the pursuit of the absolutely perfect reproduction - this philosophy can be felt in every product of Kii Audio.


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