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A company is often a life's work. The senior leaders have done much, build the operation, align it profitable and sustainable and have him through so many economic- and demand deep-controlled. The search for a suitable successor then has often a very emotional component, especially, if the reason for the search for a successor because of illness must be done. A first aid kit because there are according to a recent DIHK survey rarely. It is good, if one can rely in such a situation of external expertise. We set the emotions established facts counter and help with competence and good contacts in the search for an appropriate succession plan for businesses ", is a management consultant and managing director of consulting Everto, Thomas Salzmann, out. What is important is the opinion of the expert strategic planning.

define goals and address succession planning, point by point

look for a successor in an overheated situation, this is difficult. Thomas Salzmann sees its task as an external consultant in the search for a successor firstly in, to structure the search. The objectives must be clear. This means first, we look that succession planning is required and can be implemented as the desired transfer. While many senior bosses wish, that someone from his own family, the company continues. But is far said, that this can be put into action or. that it is the most rational way of continuing the operation. "

Business Succession: No thought control through various scenarios

weigh the pros and cons of a solution - whether it within the family, in-house or off-site - and develop individually tailored strategy, that is what matters in the opinion of Thomas Salzmann at. All cards on the table, evaluate all options and express no thought control - that is the best foundation for a successful succession strategy. Everto Consulting, led by Thomas Salzmann has specialized in succession planning for SMEs. The management consultant knows - works best succession planning, if it is an early part of a sophisticated personnel planning.

source: © Foto-Ruhrgebiet - Fotolia

The entrepreneur Thomas Salzmann has 20 Years of experience in succession planning for businesses. A certified team of consultants is available. Innovative successor concepts can be discussed in a free initial consultation.

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